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A writer. A letterer. A being driven and motivated by passion.

Currently living in Manila, Philippines. Taking on challenges head on. Battling the everyday traffic. And living life to the fullest.


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Sab Escoto

Writer. Letterer. Goer.

Birthday: 15 April
Phone number: +63 926
Website: www.thesabstuff.com
E-mail: sabescoto.se@gmail.com


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    "You will never accomplish something unless you persevere and work hard for it.

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    Pens, papers and every bit of good in this world.

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    "If you truly want something to be done, don't wait up. Make a way for it to work. Never let any second go to waste without doing anything."


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    Moving to Blogger was my way to revamp and start anew. To acknowledge the efforts of the people who helped me, thank you!

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    Writing has been one of my great loves in this world. Whenever I feel anything, there's always an urge for me to get a paper and pen and write. Words don't come easy to most but to me, they fill my world.

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    Here's where you may find my tips, tricks and how to's on calligraphy and the various arts and crafts that I do.

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Book Lover


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September 1, 2016


Calligraphy, is one of the things a lot of people want to learn lately. Some people think that it's just as simple as getting a pen and a paper then writing down what you want to write. But if you have tried calligraphy, you know that there's so much more than scribbling letters on paper. In this entry, I have decided to list down the most basic calligraphy tips and tricks that you need to know.

1. Know your pen.
  • In calligraphy, we don't just use a single type of pen. Little do people know that there are so many different types of pens you could use in calligraphy. 
Here are the most common ones:

- Nib and Straight Holder / Oblique Holder : Nibs are a small piece of metal that you put on the nib holder then dip in ink for you to be able to use it. For beginners, nibs have two lines that split apart so that you could achieve thicker down strokes. Nib holders come in two different styles, the straight holder which is recommended for beginners and lefties, and the oblique holder which is used by the ones who want to upgrade their tool. When I started using dip pen as a medium in calligraphy, I first used the straight holder for practice but I found the oblique holder easier to use because it saves me time to find the right angle when writing.

Recommended Nibs: 
- Nikko G (perfect for beginners. not super bendy but could give you the look you are after)
- Hunt 101 (takes time go get used to but is perfect for beginners for pressure practice)
-  Brause blue pumkin (very durable, produces amazing thin strokes)
- Hiro 41 (a little flexible | gives you that perfect down stroke)

Recommended Nib Holders:
- Speedball Straight holder
- Speedball Oblique Holder

- Brush Pens : I conduct Brush Calligraphy workshops, that is why I had a venture of finding the perfect brush pens for my beginner students. For those of you who do not know, brush pens are like paint brushes that come in a body of a pen and already has ink in it. There are different kinds of brush tips: Fine, Felt, and Bristle. There are so many kinds of brush pens available that it's very hard to decide on what fits your style the most. Always remember that not all brush pens are the same. It could get frustrating at time but take time to know your brush better. :)

Recommended Brush Pens:
- Kuretake Fudebiyori (perfect for beginners. very firm, easy to control)
- Artline Brush Marker (a little harder than your typical brush pen but is cheap and could also help you with pressure control)
- Zig Brushables (a little like Kuretake Fudebiyori but a little more elastic)
- Tombow (for level up)
- Zig Clean Color Real Brush (for level up) 
- Zig Cocoiro (for level up)

*to know more about BRUSH CALLIGRAPHY and the different types of brush pens, join me on my workshops or enroll for a private class. Ask me how!

2. Know your strokes! Warm up!
  • When you want to learn calligraphy, the most important tip that I could give you is that you should always know your strokes first before writing letters and words. Doing drills will help you progress faster because as you learn your drills, you realize that all these strokes you've been practicing can form letters all along! It is also important to warm up before you write to avoid your hands to get tired easily. 
a peek of some of the drills I give my students.
Join me on my next workshop! :) 

  • It is the most known rule in basic calligraphy, light pressure for upstrokes, full pressure on downstrokes. Always take note that being able to do your thin and thick strokes right would make all the other drills and rules easier for you. 

source: blog.tombowusa.com

4. Know your angle.
  • Figuring out the right position for your arms, hand, and paper when writing is probably one of the hardest things you would encounter in learning calligraphy. 
Position, Angle, and Holding the Pen:
- Hold the pen comfortably between your thumb and your finger. 
- Try writing by holding the pen on the middle of the body rather than near the tip for easier control.
- Hold the pen on a slightly slanted angle for easier pressure application.
- Sit straight. Let your head and shoulder be supported by your spine for you to be able to move your arms and hands freely.

5. Know where to get your supplies.
  • This will really be tricky specially when you're still on the stage of trying different tools. Below, I've listed down some stores where you could get your supplies. 
Online Stores:
  •  Space Craft - Space Craft is an online shop created by friends who would want to sell art materials at an affordable price. Most of their items came from Japan and are being sold with a small mark up to help aspiring artists start their passion. To view their products, click HERE.
  • The Craft Central - you could get almost all your arts and crafts needs here at The Craft Central. From nibs to watercolors and paper.
Physical Stores:
- Print Cafe
- Invitation House
- National Bookstore
- Scribe Writing Essentials

For some, calligraphy may look easy but in reality, it is harder than it seems. I made this post to help beginners figure out the basic things that they should know. Since I've encountered lots of people who ask about the most basic things about calligraphy. If you guys have questions, let me know! I'm always willing to give a hand to those who want to learn. :)

August 31, 2016

For MQ.

We may disagree on a lot of things but I guess that is just what makes us amazing together. Lately, we've been talking about how amazing this journey is and I never said it until now but I would like you to know that you are (no doubt) one of the biggest part of this journey. Why? Let me refresh your memory.

As you know, I started blogging because I felt that I needed to get my words out there. I need an outlet for my thoughts, for my insights, for my feelings. A few weeks into blogging, I joined groups and joined all those follow exchange threads. Until the time came when we were both given the chance to follow each other on Instagram. Your IG handle immediately caught my attention because it was a word I could hardly pronounce out loud. I checked it, opened your profile, saw old photos, the Mayon. After a little more scrolling, I saw it. I saw what made me instantly think that I had to know you better. there were cupcakes, calligraphy, Instax photos, markers, pizza, books, and more food. First thing that got in my mind was, "This girl is exactly like me."

Then I found out that you were a brand ambassador for one of the online brands that I wanted to be a brand ambassador for for such a long time. I then messaged you on Facebook and that's where it all started. We attended blogger events together, went to art adventures together, we even had countless moments when one of us would say something and the other would say, "Ah! Me too!" and then Type Kita.

Type Kita made our journey as friends even better. We followed and passed on our passion. Together, we developed our skills and slowly got better. Together, we helped each other get through tough times. You're the person whom I could throw ideas at and would understand where it is all coming from even if it's the weirdest of ideas. You're the person whom I stay up late with because we're having different out of this world intellectual conversations. You're the person who understands the struggles that I have. And even if you don't, you try to.

I could write lots of reasons why I am thankful for having someone like you, but ultimately, I'm thankful because you support me and you push me to be better everyday. You listen to my stories, and you feed me well. :)

Thank you for fixing my blog. For motivating me to write again. For always giving me time whenever I need help.

Tin, here's to more mind flossing sessions, to more Figaro hang outs, to more Milo cupcakes, more broken brush pens, more pen meets with you. Looking forward to the success of our pen meet, another thing that we will achieve together. Cheers to our friendship!

April 17, 2016

FIDA Sewing and Arts School

Summer is the perfect time to discover and learn new things. Lately, a lot of people have been drawn to arts and crafts and the perfect way to learn about it is through workshops and lessons. Fashion Institute of Design and Arts, located at Davao and Cebu, is a school that gives quality fashion and art education outside Manila. Meanwhile, FIDA Sewing and Arts School, located in Silang, Cavite, is a small school that offers workshops and courses that could help you develop your skills in sewing and other types of crafts.

Last Friday, April 15, together with Tin of Mariaisquixotic and Yen of DnY Arts and Crafts, I luckily had the chance to spend my birthday by attending their open house workshop.

As we entered the studio, we were welcomed by colorful yarns, tiny dress forms, and different sewing and crafts books.

The FIDA studio is a space filled with lots and lots of things to help you get creative. They have sewing machines, yarns, dress forms, ribbons, and watercolors that would inspire you to start learning arts and crafts.

Our craft teacher, Leanne, taught us how to make a scarf just by arm knitting. We immediately agreed since it's super fun to get to make your own scarf, right? It was a bit confusing at first since you have to put your yarn in different places but as time goes but it gets a bit easier.

Selection of yarns, mine and Tin's scarves, and the golden scissors. 

I had so much fun with making my scarf, I even had to get another ball of yarn just to make mine longer since I wanted to go for the double layer scarf vibe. :) 

Finished product! :)

Their open house wasn't just filled with sewing and craft materials, they were filled with sweet treats too! 

Sweets buffet

my favorite of all sweets, butter cookies! 

Dress forms

3 hours was such a short time to spend at FIDA. If it weren't because of the event I had to be at after our visit, I would have stayed longer. It's a place where you could really explore and improve your craft skills. I even wanted to learn sewing the moment I saw their machines and dress forms. I'm looking forward to more things that I could learn from their school. Looking forward to conduct one of my future workshops there as well! :)

Arm knitting team! :)

FIDA offers lots of workshops and courses from pattern making to calligraphy. Below is a list of their upcoming workshops:

For further details regarding their workshops and short courses, you may contact them at +639173271069 and fidastarosa@gmail.com 
You may also visit their website: http://fidastarosa.wix.com/sewingandarts  

April 1, 2016

Sab x Maria Birthday Giveaway

April is a very special month for me and my blogger friend Tin of mariaisquixotic.com. After a few weeks of  knowing each other, we found out that we have the same birth month -- APRIL! :) That is why since December of 2015 we have been planning to give you guys the best blog giveaway that we could think of.

In collaboration with our partners and sponsors, we present you "SAB x MARIA: SHARE THE LOVE BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY" 

Items to be given away (photos to be posted soon)

  • Two (2) domains from Pangalan.com (.com and .net)
  • Two (2) sets of notebook and prints from Ella Lama
  • Two (2) sets of framed artwork from The Sab Stuff
  • Two (2) sets of goodies from Pluma PH
  • Two (2) slots for a basic calligraphy workshop from You're Not My Typo
  • Two (2) sets of personalized postcards from Mariaisquixotic
  • Two (2) sets of sample size perfume collection from One Spark Fragrances
  • Two (2) sticker sets from Fickles PH
  • Two (2) Zebra pen sets from Pen Master PH
  • Two (2) winners of Php 500 additional cash back from ShopBack PH
Since we have two (2) prizes per sponsor we will be picking a total of 20 winners for this giveaway! YAY!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Our life has been showered with overflowing love and blessings lately that's why we decided to SHARE THE LOVE with you. Everyone from the Philippines is entitled to join this giveaway. All you have to do is follow the mechanics that were mentioned in Rafflecopter.

Important reminders:

  • Giveaway accounts are not allowed.
  • Giveaway starts 12mn of April 1, 2016 and ends 12mn of May 1, 2016.
  • Winners will be announced on May 2, 2016 via social media.
  • If the winner fails to claim their prize within 48 hours, another winner will be drawn.
  • Open to Philippine residents only.
Enjoy and good luck! :) -- Sab

March 15, 2016


For a person who is used to work from home, we must all admit that at often times, it gets boring and it could really be frustrating. I live with a lot of people, that is why I often lock myself up in my room and start writing or blogging. But seeing only the four corners of my room every time I try to get productive really bums me out because it is always what I see and I could not get any inspiration from there.

Let's all be honest, we always want to get away from the stressful environment our work place gives us. That is why we often want to work in coffee shops and cafe's but we always end up getting distracted because there are groups of people chatting and laughing a few tables away from us. Since I started blogging and writing, I've always been in the search of finding the perfect place to work and find inspiration at the same time. Good thing, one of my type friends, Yen Olay works at a co-working space called The Office Project and I could not be any happier.

The Office Project, located at Alpha Salcedo in Makati is a co-working studio that targets freelancers, students, artists, and people who would want to work and be productive in a peaceful environment. It has tables wherein you could share a space with other people, a meeting room, and an area for those who would want to work alone.

Last week, mariaisquixotic and I were given a chance by our type friend Yen to try and work at their office. I was not really expecting anything since it was my first time to visit a place like that, but when we got there, I was amazed by how beautiful this place is. The moment I walked inside TOP, I saw people sitting on their respective spaces and I immediately felt this comfortable vibe that made me want to be productive all of a sudden. The Office Project calls their clients as CO-WORKERS and I could not wait to be one of them!

Here's a little tour around the office:

(photo grabbed from mariaisquixotic.com)

When you arrive at The Office Project, you will be welcomed by their reception area that has this beautiful origami piece on the wall. The thing that caught my attention the most was the sketch pad placed on the table that has pens beside it so you could do some doodles and writing while waiting. 

(photo grabbed from Google Maps)

The photo above shows *Asterisk, see it, the main working area. It has long tables with sockets inside where you could set up your work space and work beside other co-workers. This most probably is my favorite area in the whole office because of the natural light gets inside.

(photo grabbed from TOP FB account)

Hashtag, we not me, is an area that was built for small groups of at least 3 co-workers as you can see, it has comfy chairs and a round table wherein you could work and at the same time have little chit chats with your fellow co-workers on your own #HASHTAG space.

(photo by thesabstuff.com)

@: at your own space, is the area you would want to try if you want some privacy and if you would want to work alone. For a reasonable price, you could rent a huge working space, a comfortable chair,  and be by yourself as long as you want to. 

(photo by thesabstuff.com)

& ampersand, is the very own meeting room made by The Office Project, it could fit around 12 people, it has its own white board, projector, built in sockets, and a wifi specifically for & ampersand. If you think that the ampersand is great already, wait til you find out that the floor has turf. Yes! TURF! 

(photo by thesabstuff.com)

When you visit TOP, your working package also comes with an all access pass to their pantry. You could have unlimited brewed coffee which tastes SUPER AMAZING (trust me when I say amazing, I do not drink coffee but when I got the chance to try their coffee I had 3 cups in one day!) they have a toaster and a microwave where you could reheat your food, and a sink where you could wash your Tupperware after eating. 

It's super amazing how The Office Project could think of lots and lots of ways to make work as fun as possible, right?

I was shy in setting up my things when I first got there because I only have my art materials with me, little did I know that TOP could also give me so much inspiration. As what I have mentioned earlier, the vibe of the place helps you relax and get creative. They also have big tables where you could set up your space with all your art materials. I thought that TOP only caters to corporate people who wants time away from the corporate world, but seeing the comfy and relaxing ambiance, I could say that they also cater to people like me who often work on paper and to those who just want to get any work done.

I would highly recommend The Office Project, it's a place where you could work and interact with your co-workers at the same time. Here, you'll find people whom you could share the same passion. They give you a warm welcome and definitely do everything from the heart. Kudos to the TOP team for creating a place where we could all feel at home. Thank you as well for trusting and welcoming Tin and I without thinking twice. We promise that we won't disappoint. :) I'd definitely consider this as my second home even if I've only been here for a couple of times.

Go visit The Office Project guys! Looking forward to see you there :)


March 11, 2016


I've always wanted to be a blogger, for me, writing is the easiest way of expressing myself since I'm not used to opening up to people face to face. When I started blogging, I didn't really know what joy it could bring. My lifestyle suddenly changed because I was exposed to lots of events and adventures, from stage plays to event covers and city tours. Blogging wasn't just a hobby anymore, it was a commitment turned into passion that I could not stop doing. So as I welcomed 2016, I decided to go to the next level and take blogging more seriously than before. I wanted to have my own website, something that I could call my own. Unfortunately, having my own website took time because I really don't have the knowledge when it comes to coding and all the basic computer stuff needed to start my own website. That is why with the help of my best blogger friend mariaisquixotic (who surprised me with my domain and template) and pangalan.com, I already have my OWN domain, THESABSTUFF.COM.

Mariaisquixotic messaged me one morning saying that she got me a domain and that I am officially thesabstuff.com. I am so grateful to find a friend who is willing to help me grow in all the things I want to do with my life. She has been my blogger partner and we came up with a lot of things with the help of each other for almost half a year. I could not thank her enough for motivating me to do better everyday. So proud to have a friend like you, Tin! :)

With more motivation, inspiration, and reasons to blog, I promise you guys that I will give you more articles that are worth reading. I'll now have more Arts & Crafts related entries, more travel and adventures, and a lot of other things that I can't wait to share to everyone. Let's all just stay tuned for I have a lot of things brewing for the new blogging experience.

Since Tumblr, I have shared a lot of my adventures and experience to my readers and formed friendships and connections that I never thought I could handle. My world just grew bigger and I realized that there are a lot of things to be thankful for. Blogging is so much more than just writing, it's a medium used to connect to other people. It's a place where you could effortlessly find people who you could share your interests with.

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