01: The “Not So First” Blog Entry 

Finally! After a long time of planning, conceptualizing, and trying to know myself more, I have finally had the pluck to post on this blog that has been around for a couple of years now. I sort of used this blog once, when I tried to join Saab Magalona’s new year giveaway and posted a huge rant about this stupid guy, but I deleted it eventually since it’s embarrassing and unworthy. So maybe now is the best time for me to share to you guys more about myself. Let’s start here.. 

I’m Sabrina, a 22 year old day dreamer who quite lives for bookstores and food. You can call me Sab, but some call me by my childhood nickname, Ina. I am currently a student and sometimes a marketing project assistant at some advertising company I’m sure you have heard of. 

I would seem calm and collected when you see me but there’s somehow this magic that turns me into someone silly and crazy when I’m with the ones I’m close with. Specially when I’m with my best friend, Salie, who turns me into a dork whenever we see each other. And when I’m with my other friend, Badong (her real name’s Nicole :p) who makes me speak in a weird tone every time we talk. They both manage to bring out the best and worst in me all the time and that’s probably the reason why I love them and why I keep them close. 

I am a kid at heart. I secretly enjoy playing in arcades and roaming around toy stores with my boyfriend if my time permits. I’d go ride scooters and those token activated animals you see in malls and play at inflatables whenever I could. There’s just something about doing such that makes me feel nostalgic about life. 

I love books, reading, pens (I hoard pens), writing, arts & crafts, taking pictures, kids, potato, cheese, music, mountain tops, city skylines, movies, polaroid pictures, dogs (I have three), intellectual conversations, quiet places, and happy memories. 

I like being alone, and I also love being around people. There would be times when I could only hang out with a certain number of people because if there’s too many, I’d panic deep inside thinking of ways on how I could belong. Yet there would also be instances where in I could interact with a bunch of people all at the same time. 

I love to write, hence, the blog. I love to write about certain things that I would have a hard time saying in real life and things that i want to share with people. The words I speak either make full of sense or just plain gibberish. :) 

Sooo, these pretty much are the things that I kinda want you guys to know about me. And I’m looking forward for more adventures to share here and more blogs to read. I’m so excited to discover new things here! There truly is a perfect time for everything. :) I wish this turns out well since I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time now. ‘Til my next post! :)

Sabrina Escoto

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