Blogapalooza, is a business to blogger marketing event that helps businesses gain exposure in the form of presenting their brand by having different kinds of gimmicks and platforms such as booth games, freebies, product trials, and celebrity guests to attract the bloggers. At the same time, it helps the bloggers get in touch with the said businesses by getting up-to-date information and experiencing first hand what it’s like to try the products and services presented by the businesses. 


This years Blogapalooza theme is about the four seasons all over the world such as winter, spring, summer, and autumn. I came at One Esplanade with my other Blogger friend Mich as early as 10am because we were too excited to attend (forgive us for we were first timers. Haha!) Before you enter the venue, you will first have to register at the booth located beside the entrance, and after that they’ll welcome you to the Winter Avenue which has different booths like Emporia, Chips Delight, and I am Card Board PH. 


Blogapalooza Essentials

I have read a lot of blogs and articles about coming to the event weeks before it happened. From what to do, what to wear, and what to bring. And based from what I’ve experienced, they were not kidding when they said stuff about the event that I first thought was exaggerated. Good thing I followed and got through the event just fine. I came there with my hand bag and felt regret after because there were so many activities, prizes (I even won an umbrella by Ipanema from Bambu that added extra hassle), and eco bags that would afterwards require you to carry a lot through out the event. Some of the businesses would ask you to download their apps, post pictures, or like their social media pages before you could join games and sometimes avail freebies. Which was why the power bank came handy since data drained my phone battery like crazy. One of the articles that I came across said that it’s better to have business cards made rather than signing on their registration forms, upon reading that, I was so excited to make one because I already have a lot of ideas in mind. Too bad I was not able to give away a lot because while I was insisting to give them my business cards, they wanted us to sign and register instead. 




Sosro Freeze is now one of my favorite drinks! Based on the blog posts about Blogapalooza I could say that Sosro was a crowd favorite. All of the people in their booth were very approachable, they had a photo booth, and caricaturists who have been drawing non-stop since 10am (salute!) Their booth is the most jam packed booth and I appreciate that the staff and brand ambassadors distributed free drinks while waiting in line for their turn for the activities. My friend even won their 3,000 peso Instagram giveaway. Congratulations, Mich! 



Well who wouldn’t love Food Panda, right? They had a giant panda mascot roaming around the entire venue the whole time. Their games were even interesting and was different from the others since you had to play charades under the food category. Though it was hard, it was very fun since everyone was so nice and even cheered me about how bad I tried to portray a banana split. They even handed out food coupons after you register. Download their app to discover the beauty of food delivery. Thanks for the epic BagWings, Food Panda! 



Guess which drawing was mine? If you guessed the owl, then you guessed it right! Haha! The Diff is a business that creates unique gadget cases that emphasizes on our different artistic tastes. What’s nice about their booth was they had a freedom wall wherein you could draw whatever you want. They even gave out free cookies and marshmallows when people drop by. You can find out more about their brand here:



As you can see on my previous posts, I’ve always been fond of board games which made the Gaming Library a big catch for me. Their booth had people to teach you different kinds of games and would even let you play with them. The Gaming Library provides us with the larges amount of board and educational games all over the metro. 



Outbreak Manila has caught our attention because there was one zombie who never stopped following us for a period of time. Mich and I kinda freaked out but what the hell! zombies don’t get to follow you everyday right? So we decided to take a picture with it instead. They had brought Outbreak, Breakout, and one of the best summer events Slidefest here in the Philippines. I, without a doubt, visited their booth since I am a big fan and my brother has DJ-ed for Slidefest last summer. Luckily, the guys know my brother which made it easier for me to approach and talk to them.  After registering, I got a Slidefest shirt as a giveaway. Looking forward for Outbreak Manila soon!



Manong’s Lechon Cebu was one of my favorites because all the people in their booth were so nice. Every time we passed by they would always remind us that their lechon was on the way and people should try it. Fortunately, before the lechon ran out we got a free taste and it was amazing! Super mouthwatering lechon at a very reasonable price. I suggest that you try it out. Visit their site:



While we were having our BagWings lunch at the exit of One Esplanade, a girl was eating beside us and started a small talk asking if I am a fan of bands. She said that he was from JB Music and mentioned that we should drop by their booth since Kamikazee, Urbandub, and Rivermaya will be there for an appearance. So lucky to have a little moment with Kamikazee before the Huling Sayaw.

I’ll never get over it, may dulo pala ang langit. 

Aside from the booths mentioned above, other booths that caught my attention were Flawless, Snipe, Emporia, Breville, Curves, Chips Delight, and I am Cardboard PH


It’s so sad that I was not able to meet some of the bloggers that I was looking forward to see. I hope that by next year or on other events, we’ll be able to see and get to know each other. 

All in all Blogapalooza 2015 was an experience that I’ll never forget. I didn’t even really bother to join all those giveaways and the freebies was just a bonus since I really came for the experience. Though I noticed that there should be some improvements needed to make the event better and more organized, the hospitality and kindness of the organizers and the businesses was something to remember. Congratulations to Blogapalooza. Looking forward to Blogapalooza 2016! Cheers!

Sabrina Escoto

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