Halloween is just around the corner and most of us are busy and so occupied with what costume to wear and which crazy party to attend. Yes, all of the traditional Halloween celebration is awesome but isn’t if better if we try something new and different? Like having the chance to do all those online escape games in real life or playing detective and solving what happened behind brutal crime cases? Good thing the awesome team who brought SlideFestPH, Outbreak Manila, and Breakout Philippines is here to make it happen! 

Mark your calendars for November 7, 2015 and get
ready for the ultimate Halloween event of the year! FOX International Channels
and Victoria Court are partnering up with Breakout Philippines, the country’s
premiere escape room game, to bring you an immersive horror experience like
no other! 

Ever since 2014, Breakout has been providing a unique experience to thousands
of players by trapping them in different themed rooms for 45 minutes. They are
given an interactive game where players have to team up to find clues and solve
logic puzzles based on various storylines. Participants are encouraged to PLAN
as a team, SOLVE puzzles collaboratively in order to ESCAPE before time

This Halloween season, #VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries changes the game
as it is no longer enough to BREAKOUT… you must now also SURVIVE! You
and your friends will be trapped in a room and will have 45 minutes to try and
survive the horror set before you. 

There will be scare actors that will enter and exit the room as they please. Some
will be nice and try to help you by giving you clues, while some… are not. Be
prepared as they invade your personal space, tell you bone chilling stories,
separate you from your friends and sometimes, even leave you alone in the dark.
Be ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone. 

This is still a BREAKOUT event so there is still puzzle solving involved. You will
still choose among the 5 super thematic rooms of Victoria Court Malate which will
determine the style of the overall puzzle you will have to solve: 

  1. The Asgard Room 
  2. The Casino Royale Room 
  3. The Bat Cave Room 
  4. The Candy Land Room 
  5. The Marakkesh (Sex in the City) Room 

If the scares get too extreme for you, there is a safe word… screaming “I want
my mommy”
will signal our actors to back off and bring you back to your friends.
Though be warned, doing so will forfeit the clue you may receive by surviving the
scare. Missing out on 1 clue won’t make it impossible to solve the puzzle, but it
will make it very difficult. So wear your brown pants and as much as you can,
brave up! 

If that’s not enough, Breakout Philippines is also teaming up once again with
FOX to bring you The Walking Dead Breakout Room. As if time pressure is not
enough, you and your friends have to escape while trying to keep your wits
together as a flesh-eating walker breathes down your necks.

This is happening at TriNoma Level 4 Garden Restaurants (until November 14
only) and at the Breakout Katipunan Branch

See if you have what it takes to survive by registering through our 3 main payment channels—online, bank deposit, or in-store registration in any Victoria Court Branch. Visit for more details.

For more updates, please follow Breakout Philippines on Facebook
( and Instagram (@BreakoutPH),
and Victoria Court on Facebook (
and Instagram (@victoriacourtVC). 

** I’ve had the chance to experience Slidefest, it was super fun and I’m sure this will be too. Go call your friends and let them know about the latest Halloween frenzy! Let’s solve mysteries and scream our lungs out together! 

Sabrina Escoto

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