05: My Sunday

As much as I wanted to stay at home during Sundays, yesterday was the only day me and my boyfriend had the chance to clear our schedules and be together after two weeks. So even though it was raining hard and we sadly missed the movie that I was planning to watch at Greenbelt, we decided to just chill and hang out at BF. Little did we know that we’ll be able to do a lot of things the whole day.

We first went to True Blends, just finished some school works, and had Jeth tutor me on how to use photoshop. I like it there since the place is really quiet, they have calzone, butter beer, chicken chops, and an accessible free wifi. That’s like my BF go-to place.

But then we finished everything that we had to finish and ran out of things to do so we decided to go to Puzzles Board Game Lounge because Jeth can’t get over the fact that he never had the chance to beat me at Battleship. Yes, I’m better than him. The fun thing about Puzzles is that you only have to pay a hundred and you could play anything you could see inside. They have countless of board games that you could play with groups or just pairs and no one would care even if you scream your lungs out if you lose or burst out laughing because everyone is just having fun. And as usual, we lost track of time and didn’t realize that we’ve been there for 4 hours playing Battleship, Exploding Kitten, Halli Galli, Eight, and a lot more. It was around 8 when Jeth got hungry and told me that he wanted to eat.

Here’s one thing stressful about finding a place to eat at BF: YOU JUST CAN’T SETTLE WITH ONE RESTAURANT. Because there’s too many it makes you want to try everything. And since it’s super hard to figure out where to eat, we just walked along Aguirre to find the perfect dinner place. Then we saw Tornado Peri Peri Chicken and decided to eat there since I remembered that the owner was a previous client of ours at work. We were really surprised by how good the meal was. It was cheap (125 for the mix meal set) and so yummy it was the perfect definition of sulit. The grilled pumpkin is to die for! I think they have branches up north so even they could try it too :)

And lastly, Jeth really LOVES sweets and he could not be in BF and not go to Larcy’s because he’s addicted to the Chocolate Obsession cupcake. So we ordered the usual, Chocolate Obsession and Potato Skins w/ Spinach Dip (I’m not really a big fan of sweets), but they had a new flavor (my other favorite): the Matcha Cupcake. No doubt I had to try it out.

– One thing I really like about being with the boyfriend is that we never run out of things to talk about. He talks about his commutes, his high school friends, their adventures, and how much he misses them all the time, family stuff, his rants, and things about gaming and computers that I think I won’t ever understand. It’s never boring, I never really get tired of listening, and he always keeps up with me even if I’m PMS-ing. I’m soooo looking forward to more days like October 4, 2015. :)

Sabrina Escoto

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