I’ve been so busy these past few weeks to the point that I am not able to do the one thing that I’m looking forward since I started blogging, The Sunday Currently. And I’m so excited to finally do this! :)

Today, I am currently..


Library of Souls (Miss Peregrines Peculiar Children #3) since it’s Halloween :)


Plans, meetings, events, and other things to do on my self made planner. :)


To Love Me by 1975 and some songs from my current favorite Spotify playlist, Acoustic Covers.


About my blogs Christmas Giveaway! Hope you guys would join! It’s been on my mind for weeks now. I already have stuff to giveaway and I hope you’d like it. Will be posting about it later. :)


The Lindt Dark Chocolate *my favorite* given to me by my boyfriends tita and tito. Currently eating it while writing. Thank you po, Duday & Tito Mel. :) 


For a great week ahead. Last week has been stressful and I hope that this week would be bearable at least. 


That my christmas giveaway would be a success. Been planning and preparing for it for so long I hope it would turn out fine.


My ultimate house clothes, cycling shorts and an over-sized shirt. 


My new notebooks and notepads that I purchased from UP Town last night! I could never really have enough notebooks and pens. Got them all for a good price and I reaaaaallyyy wanted to buy more but I was too shy because I had my boyfriends friends waiting for me *thanks guys :)*. And, I also bought some for my giveaway! 


A digital drawing pad. So I could put my doodles and everything I write here.


A place to relax maybe? and the Deep Fried Cheese from The Soulfood Truck! Never imagined cinnamon & strawberry could go well with cheese! 


Tired but happy. Since we met with my boyfriends friends, we watched a movie, went to UP Town, and to Maginhawa St., QC. We almost walked the whole Maginhawa stretch looking for a good place to eat, we then gave up around 11;30 pm and decided to eat at Empire Steak. :) It was super fun since I’ve always wanted to hang out with them and get to know them more. 


This. Check it out :) 

Looking forward next Sunday for my Sunday Currently vol. 2. Makes me want to plan and do a lot of things so I could share them all with you guys. 

This is a blog link-up by Ms. Lauren of siddathornton

Sabrina Escoto

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