So, I’m finally nominated for a Liebster Award and I feel so giddy because I’ve been waiting to do something like this since I started blogging. :)

Thank you to Kristine Redillas of Mariaisquixotic for tagging and nominating me to do the Liebster Award. :) So upon reading some entries about this award, there are certain rules that you need to follow. This is perfect for new bloggers like me to let our readers and our fellow bloggers get to know more about us. 


Here are the questions:

1. Of all your pet peeves, which one is in the top spot?

    - People with no manners. Hihi


If you were not a human being, what will you be and why?

   - If aliens do exist, I would probably want to be one. I read a book before about an alien who visits this NASA officer and the alien told him everything about them, like being able to travel from space to earth in just seconds and how they’re super smart they could communicate with you using their mind. *nerd alert* Yeah, they sound awesome.

3. Name the top three (3) things that you can leave at your place when you go out.

   - I could leave not bringing my hair brush (the reason why I really keep my hair short is because it’s too thick and it’s so hard to manage), some make-up, and accessories. 

4. How will you feel if you were given a chance to be in someone else’s shoe for a day?

   - It probably depends on whose life I’m going to live but I could take a day away from myself and enjoy a day away from all the stress and responsibilities.

5. Who is the greatest influencer in your life?

   - My lolo Rudy. Everything I learned from him as a kid, I am still applying in my life til now even if he’s gone. 

6. Would you live in another planet? Why?

   - Like what I’ve said earlier, I would want to be an alien so being an alien requires to live in a different planet, right? OMG. Read the book! Seriously. The NASA guy died after he released files and videos about the alien. 

7. How would you describe your squad goals?

   - We’re definitely the spontaneous, chill, and fun kind. Before we all became busy, we were the type of people who would never let anything happen without us having fun. We’d go to the beach in just a snap or just hang out or have sleep overs or have night outs and check in because some are too drunk to go home. But yeah, life happens. I kinda miss them, really. 

8. If the celebrity crush of your life will take you be his lawfully wedded husband or wife, will you say I do? Explain.

   - No. I don’t want to ruin it. 

9. How do you get jealous?

   - I don’t know how to answer that. Perhaps ask my boyfriend. Haha! 

10. Describe your ideal home.

   - I want a peaceful home. A home wherein everyone who lives there love each other and would treat each other like family. My ideal house is a spacious house with big windows, high ceilings, and a huge library.

11. If you were to have at least three (3) superpowers, what will it be and why?

   - Since I was a kid I already have a list of super powers that I want to have:   * I want to be invisible, so I could go to places and do things without being noticed. Like travelling for free. My reason when I was a kid was because I want to be stuck in a mall and I’d play with all the toys. * I want to fly, because if ever something bad happens, I’d just fly away. And I could travel for free! * And lastly, I want to be like Mystique. You know why.

11 Random Facts:

1. I should be wearing glasses all the time but I only do at home.

2. I love to eat at new restaurants.

3. I have a lot of dogs. Hihi

4. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. 

5. My favorite color is green.

6. I always bring my lettering pen and paper when I leave the house.

7. I can’t sleep with the lights on.

8. I hate raisins. 

9. I’ve watched How I Met Your Mother season 1-9 for 4 months straight because the house is too big the cable can’t reach my room.

10. I love potato.

11. I used to Ice Skate :)

11 Questions:

1. If your life were to be narrated and recorded by someone, who would it be?

2. Where’s the certain place where you feel safe? Why?

3. What’s the food that you always crave for?

4. Name 4 things that turn you off.

5. List down at least five songs on your current playlist.

6. If your life would be a movie, what movie would it be? Why?

7. If given the chance, would you leave everything in your current life in exchange for the kind of life that you’ve always wanted? Explain. :)

8. Which period in the past would you like to belong to?

9. Describe your perfect outfit.

10. What’s the gift you really really want to receive this cristmas?

11, If you could travel once for free, all expense paid, where would you go?

11 Nominees:

Leo Salazar of OHOHLEO_PH

Marrien Tayag of I am Babble Doll

Melissa Ungco of Young x Reckless 

Chin Cenidoza of Eye for Style

Michael Angelo of Angelo The Explorer

Rache Go of Kaladkarin Diaries

James Guevara of The Block Writer

Romeo Briones Jr. of Take Off Philippines

Riza Relleve of Riza Revelle

Karen Mabazza of Karen Meets World

Cheska Bruno of Cheska Always Write

Have fun! 

- Sab. 

Sabrina Escoto

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