All sneaker lovers rejoice! Sole Academy will be having Sneaker Carnival on the 29th of November, the biggest and first Sneaker Carnival EVER. This will be a heaven for those people who are up to date to the latest sneaker collections and loves shoe shopping like me!


The carnival will have Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, and many other famous brands together! How amazing is that?! 

Here are the segments that will truly hype us all up:

1. #SNEAKERLifeStyle

    This is to develop an avenue where the different brand partners could showcase their products to the customers. And also to build a program that could promote the sport-inspired lifestyle culture here in the Philippines.

2. #SOLEMusic

    Amazing artists will be here! Super excited for UDD, Mars Miranda, Yolanda Moon, and a whole lot more!

3. #ARTSole

    A showcase of the unique sneaker collection here in manila.

4. #FOODfortheSOLE

    Very witty! This segment is to give everyone innovative and a gastronomic experience from some of the best culinary minds in Manila.

5. #10KDaSH

    Sole Academy will be accepting used sneaker donations as they make DaSH - Donate a SHoe to raise over 10,000 pairs of footwear to be given to their chosen benificiaries. 

Donations may be dropped at any Sole Academy branches or at any Factory Outlet stores. 

There will be a lot of things in store for us during the event:

  • New sneaker releases (wee! Super exciting!)
  • Dance-off competition from famous dance-crews here in Manila.
  • A sneaker fashion show
  • Different types of sneaker forums

The event will be held at the Mall Of Asia Concert Grounds on the 29th of November from 12 nn to 2 am. 

For tickets and more information you may visit:

Facebook: Sole Academy

Website: click HERE

Sabrina Escoto

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