You know those instances where you make plans with your friends and they end up being dumped because you guys are just too busy or something else comes up? And then there comes a day where you guys just feel like seeing each other and you do and you have more fun. That’s how it always goes for me and my friends.

Lucky (the girl with the glasses) messaged me around noon to ask if I was available for the night since Southborder was going to perform at 19East. I immediately said yes since I figured that I also need a break from all the stress life has given me lately. But since we’ve been planning to hang out with each other for so long, we decided to just cancel and go to BGC and meet Ate Mae.

Lucky and I met in her village and went to her house to get the car and went straight to Fort. Traffic gets worse everyday as we drove the Better Living stretch for 45 mins which just takes less than 5 mins w/o traffic. Upon reaching Fort, we went straight to The Forum to find a place to eat dinner while waiting for Ate Mae who was still at work that time. I felt super excited to eat out with Lucky because she knows so much about food since she does DiscoverMNL and gets to try out all these amazing dishes Manila could serve. We found O’ Rice, a Korean restaurant serving “Stylish Pan Fried Rice” at a very affordable price. Would you believe that the Spicy BBQ Bento and the Crispy Shrimp Curry was just for P295 each?! To think that the bento was super huge, double the size of your usual bento meal and that is how big it is. After that, Ate Mae was already at Kalayaan and since she doesn’t really want to drive around Fort looking for us, we decided to meet up at SM Aura instead. We went straight to Honey Creme since Ate Mae and I have been dying to get a chance to taste it since it opened here in the Philippines. 

Honey Creme offers a wide variety of soft served ice cream from plain multi grain ice cream cones to ice cream with popcorn and honey comb. I immediately ordered the Organic Cotton Candy Affogato (P185 per cup) since it’s the one who caught my eye ever since. While the girls ordered Organic Multi Grain and Organic Caramel Popcorn Ice Cream. Everything was super good I wanted more but since Ate Mae hasn’t eaten dinner yet we decided to have ramen instead. 

We went to Ramen Nagi to try their famous Black King Ramen (P495) I really am not a fan of ramen since I guess I made the wrong decision by trying my first ever ramen in the worst restaurant ever. But the Black king Ramen was super good! Well I guess it really is because they let you decide on the different flavors you want to put when they hand you this cute little check-list. 

After our second dinner, we just went to CBTL to chill and to finally catch up after 6 months of not being together. We talked about a lot of things like how work was, how our love lives are, stuff about blogging, and ever single kwento that we could ever think of. To the point that we didn’t realize Aura was already closing and we were the only ones left. At around 1:30am the guard approached us saying that we had to leave. Haha! We then went back to the parking, bid our goodbyes, and went to Manila to pick up Lucky’s boyfriend, John. 

It feels nice to have friends like them. Friends whom you could open up everything with. Friends who you don’t get to see regularly but is still there for you when you are in need. The funny thing about it is that, amidst the age gap and the difference of interests, we all just understand each other very well. 

Every girl needs a day away from her crappy, PMS-ing, soul sucking nightmare - a.k.a LIFE, and have a day out with her friends. We all have our own problems to deal with and it just feels so good to vent out and pause everything for a moment and just enjoy. Last night was that kind of night. 

We all met each other because of my best friend, Salie. And since she left, we all became each others proxy. Thank you, BFF! For bringing so much joy in my life :) I love you, forever.

Sabrina Escoto

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