Hi everyone :) so I have lately been posting pictures of my hand lettering experiments and my doodles even before that and some people have been asking me what materials I use every time I write and draw. And I am now doing this entry to show you which ones I use and to help you decide when picking the writing materials that would suit you. 

The Paper:

Any paper that you like will do. We all have different tastes and preferences on the different kinds of paper that we choose to write on. Like what I’ve seen from The Ilustrado’s posts, she also finds the perfect notebooks for her hand lettering works, go check it out :) she does perfect hand lettering and amazing tips on how to stay motivated while studying. And for me, I usually go for the smooth, unruled, and notebooks with thick pages. Perfect examples of these are the notebooks I use from Muji (around P145), ArtWork doodle notebook (P200), and Papemelrotti white paper notebook (P175). These notebooks are of very good quality and affordable at the same time. 


If you are being a little practical and would want to start writing on good quality paper, the ones that I suggest are the jotter pads from SM Department Store (2 pads for P150) and jotter pads from Power Books (2 for P80) these jotter pads have same-better quality paper as the ones mentioned above. You could also peel them off with no hassle! 


Here are the notebooks that I have now. Some of them are not used yet, some are for practicing, and some are for journals. I didn’t include the notebooks I use for school because they’re mostly just those hardbound ruled notebooks you see at bookstores. Most of them can easily be found at malls and department stores and craft bazaars. *prices range form P60 - P500

Black paper notebooks can be found at different bookstores and craft stores. Prices range from P60 - P300

Ruled notebooks can be found everywhere. 


The Pen:

Yes, there are different kinds of pens that I prefer to use whenever I’m writing. Most of the time, I prefer the pens that I can write easily on paper and and pens that have ink that don’t scatter and bleed. 

For my hand lettering and doodling, these are the pens that I use:


These pens usually range around 50 - 150 pesos. I only buy the basic ones as of now since I’m only learning on how to be better at it. Most of the time, I use Artline Calligraphy Pen and the Pilot Drawing Pen. When I first bought an Artline Calligraphy back then, the price was about 90 pesos, and now that a lot of people are into hand lettering, you can buy it at P66 on bookstores. Everytime I’m practicing, I use the Dong - A fineliner pens because they are cheaper and yet meets my pen standards. 

For black paper doodling and drawing, I use the Uni-Ball Signo pen (P110) and the Dong - A metallic pen set. 

For brush lettering, I use Zig Memory System (P115 each)

For watercolor lettering, I just use the normal kiddie watercolor 

For drafts, I use Stabilo 3B pencils and a Faber Castell eraser

And the ones on the picture below are the pens & markers I use for my planners, for designing different stuff, and for colored details on whatever I write. 


I use different types of pens, and compared to my hand lettering and doodle pens, the ones shown above are more affordable and yet they are of good quality as well. Most of these pens are, Pilot colored ballpens (around P25 each), Titus colored ballpens (P11 each), Maped colored markers *washable* (around P400 for a set of 24 and P200 for a set of 12), Faber Castell colored markers (P200 set of 12), Faber Castell colored pencilBIC colored ball pens (P9 each), Stabilo ball pens (P13 each), Mongol Ink Joy (P10 each), M&G (p25), and Dong - A colored gel pens.


1. Look for the material that suits you the most. I usually spend long hours inside a bookstore just to search for a material that I am comfortable using. 

2. I does not matter if materials are cheap or expensive, it’s how you do it. Just don’t stop practicing and learning.

3. Watch YouTube videos that teach you different techniques. 

4. Have your own style. It does not matter if you couldn’t  do what the other person does. I used to copy quotes that I find on google and now I can do it all by myself.

5. Just have fun. It does not have to be perfect. :)

I found my passion in writing, that’s why I invest on quality paper and pens and try different kinds. Sadly, as of now, I’m still on the stage of learning. I would one day buy those 3,000 peso Moleskin unruled paper when I’ve already mastered hand lettering and drawing. What I use now are notebooks that aren’t really that expensive but have good quality. I’m VERY patient in looking for the things that I’ll use. I do some research too. 

A lot of us are now hooked in being creative and it feels so great to be able to meet new people who want the same things as I do and to share it with all of you. I hope I was able to help you guys. Cheers!

Sabrina Escoto

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