Lettering Sunday

Hi guys! Since I pretty much have nothing to do today and I’m quite running out of things to write for my practice, I decided to do something to make it up to you. I want you guys to send me requests on what you want me to write and I’ll post it here and tag you :)
Here’s how it’s gonna go:
- Send me a message with a quote, name, phrase, or anything that you want me to write.
- I’ll do it today and have it posted right away.
* Since I’m practicing lettering with nibs, I’ll most probably have it written using ink and nibs. But it still depends! I might use brush lettering or faux calligraphy, depending on what I have to write. Don’t worry, I’ll try to take the pictures as “IG worthy” as possible so you could post it on your accounts :)
Hope to receive messages from you guys!

Sabrina Escoto

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