Hi everyone! This week for me has been such a very busy week. I attended three wonderful events. First was the Paglayang Minamahal sawswela at CSB (blog link HERE) second was the Grassroots Present Perfect launch (blog link HERE) and lastly, the Baga Manila (blog post to follow) 

Today, I was supposed to go with Lucky to Spectrum Fair and Gourmand but I was super tired from last night and I sadly was not able to come with her. Anyhow, even if today’s a little quiet, the previous days were a blast for me. I met new friends, bought new stuff, commuted alone, and had a lot of spontaneous adventures. 

Last Tuesday, November 10, I was invited by Mars Callo to attend the Paglayang Minamahal sarswela by the Technical Theater students of CSB. There, I finally met Tin of mariaisquixotic after weeks of conversations on twitter. I also met her friend Charles and her boyfriend Sam. 


After the play, we ate our late dinner at McDo then went home around 11:30, I think. We talked about the Grassroots event since I was a little hesitant to go at first. Tin convinced me and I then agreed. Little did I know that it was going to be a super fun day! 

November 12, Thursday, I met Tin, who was with Charles at the Grassroots event at Greenbelt 5. It was supper funny because we felt that we were a little under dressed for the event and out of all the clothes we have, we somehow managed to wear similar outfits. Haha!


The event was super fun. They had games, wine and crafty stuff that really caught my attention and what’s amazing about it is that they range from cheap prices to really expensive ones. 

After the Grassroots event, we were supposed to head home but we saw Altro Mondo and all the beautiful paintings that were displayed. Altro Mondo is a gallery that promotes young, emerging artists along with the commercially and critically renowned.


It was the prefect day for art enthusiasts like me. After Altro Mondo, we passed by another exhibit that features sculptures from different local artists. We went around and found unique and intricate pieces that would really stun you. 


I then saw this Darth figurine from afar and I immediately checked it out since I’m a little fan of Star Wars. 


After the seeing the exhibit, we went by my favorite toy and puzzles store Hobbes and Landes. I saw this awesome digital paper that’s like a modern version of our good old Magic Slate that could transfer your notes to you computer. 

We then went to Artist Space by Ayala Museum and saw their small exhibit that had this on display.


Intnese, right?

We also got the chance to play the Star Wars Battle Pod. 


Finally decided to go home, we went to Glorietta to go on our different routes but I as planned, I went to NBS and Tin came with me. I bought water color stuff and after that, we discovered a Stabilo event and we immediately checked it out. Good thing that it was open for everyone that’s why we were able to try it out. They had this new product that could serve as a oil pastel, water color, and a colored pencil. I loved it so much I wanted to buy! I already had a box with me but when I checked the price was around 700 pesos so I decided not to.


Here’s Tin enjoying the art session:


We were the last ones to leave because we were really having fun. We even asked one of the organizers to give us even one of the new product but she said that she can’t. :(

After that, Tin and I bought an unruled notebook from another heaven, ArtBox and went home. 

I finally found my art soulmate! I really had fun since we both have the same interests and frustrations. Thanks Tin for keeping up with me the whole week! I’m really looking forward to more adventures with you guys :) 

I’ll be doing a separate post about Baga Manila in a bit. Cheers!

Sabrina Escoto

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