Hi guys! As you all know, I’ve recently been working on the hardest part of my three part tutorial, the basics of hand lettering. I’ve been working on it since I finished posting the faux calligraphy entry. I would like to share something to you, since I started planning the hand lettering tutorials, I’ve bought tons of art materials to use for practice. I then discovered that the easiest tool for me to do hand lettering is water color. So… I bought the Zig water brushes and I was so hyped because they all were awesome but they weren’t good enough for all the small hand lettering details.

So I did some research and found out that there were specific paint brushes for the details so I looked for some. When I saw that it costs around a hundred each, I didn’t really feel that it was worth it because I thought that I could find something cheaper but with a good quality as well. So I found these, they only cost 3 for a hundred and I immediately bought 2 sets thinking that it could work for me as a beginner. I WAS SO WRONG.

It painted so bad and the strands of the brush fell off all the time. I could not even finish blending with it. I had no other choice but to buy the 100 per piece so that I could do better. So I bought two brushes earlier and I feel so relieved that it now doesn’t give me stress every time I practice. As you can see, even if I’ve been practicing for hours now, the brushes are still intact :)

The same thing with my watercolors, at first I thought that it was okay to use the cheap ones that are used for art in grade 1 classes thinking that I could work with it but I realized that if I wanted to have better outcome, I really should invest in materials that work better and would last longer. So the same thing happened, I ended up buying the higher quality watercolor and spent double since I tried to be practical by buying the cheap ones.
So here’s the tip:
If you want to be good at something, not just in hand lettering or calligraphy, be sure to buy the materials with good quality. I don’t want the same thing happening to you wherein you’d try to spend less thinking that it is just the same or that it could work, trust me, it won’t. Go invest in materials that would last long and would really help you learn.
I’ve been feeling so frustrated since last week because I really wanted to finish the hand lettering tutorial for you guys. I started with the wrong materials and I hope that you guys could understand why it took longer than expected.
And since I now have materials that I could easily work with, good news for you, I will be able to post it in just a few days. Yey! 

Sabrina Escoto

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