This is the season of giving, and there’s no other way to do it better than sharing your blessings to the ones in need. Even in the simplest way that we could think of, we could always make someone happy. As the line I once read said, “Make someone smile as much as you can, you never know how much of a difference you could be making at their life at the moment.” That is what SM did last December 11, a magical evening that aims to give children the most memorable Christmas ever.

Everyone at SM BF last Friday thought that it was just a normal holiday shopping day for them, but we were all in for a treat! No one thought that the Adventure Time themed play place for the kids could transform into something magical and unforgettable in just a snap. 

At around 4:30 pm, a Christmas parade was held for everyone to see. Once it began, you could clearly see people lighten up with smiles as they get entertained by a marching band, dancing fairies, gifts, elves, snowflakes, a gingerbread man, a prince & a princess, and of course, Santa Claus. At the end of the long line of happiness that roams around the mall, there was a group of children happily waving and smiling at everyone as they pass the malls atrium. What’s amazing in this parade is you could really see that everyone was having fun. The mascots and fairies would come to you and hug you and some would smile and wave, but it really is fascinating how they all shared the same goal, to make everyone happy.  

After the parade, the kids that joined them enjoyed a sumptuous meal from Jollibee. They even had the chance to take pictures, bond, and play with all the adorable characters that were in the parade. You could really see in their faces that the kids were having fun. They barely noticed that they were away from their guardians because they were having the time of their lives. Who wouldn’t want to see Santa during the holidays, right? 

Here’s a shot of the mall as people gather to see the parade. 

Along with making people and kids happy, this parade aims to help the ones in need as Christmas comes near. For only 200 pesos, you get to have two of these adorable SM Christmas Bears of Joy, one you get to keep and take home and one you donate to a kid in need. 

Who would not love helping, giving back, and sharing their blessings right? Even if it isn’t Christmas, we all should find our own little ways on how to make someone smile. You could donate old clothes and books to charity or just give them that contagious smile and a hug that could help them get through the day. Let’s all gather and make Christmas a happy one for all of us. Cheers! 

Sabrina Escoto

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