Our family has this tradition of welcoming the new year by having trips together. It started a few years back when we only went to Laguna for a family swimming and it kept getting more adventurous from there. Last year, we went to Baguio and this year, we chose to visit the beautiful island of Boracay.

After our almost 5 hour travel from Manila to the Island, we got there and this beautiful view welcomed me right after we dropped our things at our hotel, Boracay Regency. Since we got there around 5pm, we were able to watch the beauty of the sunset while having our early dinner at Christina’s.

Since it was only a 3 day 2 night stay, we really wanted to go on adventures and try everything the island has to offer. Unfortunately, the weather was a little gloomy and the waves were so strong that we were not able to do island hopping. But instead of staying disappointed, we still managed to make the most out of our time in Bora and still had lots of activities.

The mandatory beach jump shot. We even managed to do a slow-mo video while destroying a sand castle since the water’s getting high and the kuya’s going to wreck it anyway :)

We also went hemet diving! Grabe! I was super happy. Helmet diving was an item in my bucket list and I’m so glad to finally try it. (Helmet diving pictures to follow)

Iggy and Jeth tried parasailing. I was too scared to try it because the wind was so strong!

After that, Iggy, my super adventurous brother tried to ride the G-Max Reverse Bungee. It was scary just by looking at it. Haha!

After all those activities, we had lunch at Paraiso Grill. And had dinner at Seabreeze buffet and it was super yummy. One of the best buffets I’ve tried ever!

Take a look at that steak. YUM!

After a long tiring day full of adventures, we decided to end the night with some shots and a littly partying at Wave.
We had little time to spend on or last day since the travel back to the airport was long and we had a flight to catch. But since it’s another item on my bucket list, we managed to find extra time to do paddle boarding! :)

Well after that we had lunch at Johnny Rockets and prepared for check-out, but during our trip we also got to try having hair braids and the famous calamansi muffin! :)

Boracay is such a lively place to be at and it really is a delight if you could take pictures with the beautiful island while wearing Instagram worthy posts. And since we all are busy with our lives, it would really be a delight if we could do shopping for our next trip at the palm of our hands. The famous brand River Island is now available at Zalora and we could now look through their clothes without any hassle! They have a wide array of clothes so you would have lots of choices that would go well with your next trip whether it’s here in the Philippines or outside the country.

You could check their collection HERE.
All in all, this trip was one of the best trips we’ve had as a family there were a lot of firsts and I even got to roam around Boracay all by myself and it was super refreshing seeing strangers who you know are enjoying the place as much as you do. I would definitely come back and would try more adventures. I’d like to roam around the whole island and meet the locals and bond with them. I’m looking forward to share more adventures with you guys!! Cheers!

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