For a person who is used to work from home, we must all admit that at often times, it gets boring and it could really be frustrating. I live with a lot of people, that is why I often lock myself up in my room and start writing or blogging. But seeing only the four corners of my room every time I try to get productive really bums me out because it is always what I see and I could not get any inspiration from there.

Let's all be honest, we always want to get away from the stressful environment our work place gives us. That is why we often want to work in coffee shops and cafe's but we always end up getting distracted because there are groups of people chatting and laughing a few tables away from us. Since I started blogging and writing, I've always been in the search of finding the perfect place to work and find inspiration at the same time. Good thing, one of my type friends, Yen Olay works at a co-working space called The Office Project and I could not be any happier.

The Office Project, located at Alpha Salcedo in Makati is a co-working studio that targets freelancers, students, artists, and people who would want to work and be productive in a peaceful environment. It has tables wherein you could share a space with other people, a meeting room, and an area for those who would want to work alone.

Last week, mariaisquixotic and I were given a chance by our type friend Yen to try and work at their office. I was not really expecting anything since it was my first time to visit a place like that, but when we got there, I was amazed by how beautiful this place is. The moment I walked inside TOP, I saw people sitting on their respective spaces and I immediately felt this comfortable vibe that made me want to be productive all of a sudden. The Office Project calls their clients as CO-WORKERS and I could not wait to be one of them!

Here's a little tour around the office:

(photo grabbed from

When you arrive at The Office Project, you will be welcomed by their reception area that has this beautiful origami piece on the wall. The thing that caught my attention the most was the sketch pad placed on the table that has pens beside it so you could do some doodles and writing while waiting. 

(photo grabbed from Google Maps)

The photo above shows *Asterisk, see it, the main working area. It has long tables with sockets inside where you could set up your work space and work beside other co-workers. This most probably is my favorite area in the whole office because of the natural light gets inside.

(photo grabbed from TOP FB account)

Hashtag, we not me, is an area that was built for small groups of at least 3 co-workers as you can see, it has comfy chairs and a round table wherein you could work and at the same time have little chit chats with your fellow co-workers on your own #HASHTAG space.

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@: at your own space, is the area you would want to try if you want some privacy and if you would want to work alone. For a reasonable price, you could rent a huge working space, a comfortable chair,  and be by yourself as long as you want to. 

(photo by

& ampersand, is the very own meeting room made by The Office Project, it could fit around 12 people, it has its own white board, projector, built in sockets, and a wifi specifically for & ampersand. If you think that the ampersand is great already, wait til you find out that the floor has turf. Yes! TURF! 

(photo by

When you visit TOP, your working package also comes with an all access pass to their pantry. You could have unlimited brewed coffee which tastes SUPER AMAZING (trust me when I say amazing, I do not drink coffee but when I got the chance to try their coffee I had 3 cups in one day!) they have a toaster and a microwave where you could reheat your food, and a sink where you could wash your Tupperware after eating. 

It's super amazing how The Office Project could think of lots and lots of ways to make work as fun as possible, right?

I was shy in setting up my things when I first got there because I only have my art materials with me, little did I know that TOP could also give me so much inspiration. As what I have mentioned earlier, the vibe of the place helps you relax and get creative. They also have big tables where you could set up your space with all your art materials. I thought that TOP only caters to corporate people who wants time away from the corporate world, but seeing the comfy and relaxing ambiance, I could say that they also cater to people like me who often work on paper and to those who just want to get any work done.

I would highly recommend The Office Project, it's a place where you could work and interact with your co-workers at the same time. Here, you'll find people whom you could share the same passion. They give you a warm welcome and definitely do everything from the heart. Kudos to the TOP team for creating a place where we could all feel at home. Thank you as well for trusting and welcoming Tin and I without thinking twice. We promise that we won't disappoint. :) I'd definitely consider this as my second home even if I've only been here for a couple of times.

Go visit The Office Project guys! Looking forward to see you there :)


Sabrina Escoto


  1. I'm jealous! I hope there will be more co-working spaces here in Cebu too with the same kind of vibe The Office Project is providing. Thanks for this informative post, Sab! Looking forward to read more about your artsy adventures :)

    Melanie |

    1. Hi Melanie!! The experience is great! Hope they could have it in Cebu as well so you could try it. :) if you ever get here in Manila, this is a place you should visit. Thank you! I have more art adventures posted soon :)