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Summer is the perfect time to discover and learn new things. Lately, a lot of people have been drawn to arts and crafts and the perfect way to learn about it is through workshops and lessons. Fashion Institute of Design and Arts, located at Davao and Cebu, is a school that gives quality fashion and art education outside Manila. Meanwhile, FIDA Sewing and Arts School, located in Silang, Cavite, is a small school that offers workshops and courses that could help you develop your skills in sewing and other types of crafts.

Last Friday, April 15, together with Tin of Mariaisquixotic and Yen of DnY Arts and Crafts, I luckily had the chance to spend my birthday by attending their open house workshop.

As we entered the studio, we were welcomed by colorful yarns, tiny dress forms, and different sewing and crafts books.

The FIDA studio is a space filled with lots and lots of things to help you get creative. They have sewing machines, yarns, dress forms, ribbons, and watercolors that would inspire you to start learning arts and crafts.

Our craft teacher, Leanne, taught us how to make a scarf just by arm knitting. We immediately agreed since it's super fun to get to make your own scarf, right? It was a bit confusing at first since you have to put your yarn in different places but as time goes but it gets a bit easier.

Selection of yarns, mine and Tin's scarves, and the golden scissors. 

I had so much fun with making my scarf, I even had to get another ball of yarn just to make mine longer since I wanted to go for the double layer scarf vibe. :) 

Finished product! :)

Their open house wasn't just filled with sewing and craft materials, they were filled with sweet treats too! 

Sweets buffet

my favorite of all sweets, butter cookies! 

Dress forms

3 hours was such a short time to spend at FIDA. If it weren't because of the event I had to be at after our visit, I would have stayed longer. It's a place where you could really explore and improve your craft skills. I even wanted to learn sewing the moment I saw their machines and dress forms. I'm looking forward to more things that I could learn from their school. Looking forward to conduct one of my future workshops there as well! :)

Arm knitting team! :)

FIDA offers lots of workshops and courses from pattern making to calligraphy. Below is a list of their upcoming workshops:

For further details regarding their workshops and short courses, you may contact them at +639173271069 and 
You may also visit their website:  

Sabrina Escoto

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