For MQ.

We may disagree on a lot of things but I guess that is just what makes us amazing together. Lately, we've been talking about how amazing this journey is and I never said it until now but I would like you to know that you are (no doubt) one of the biggest part of this journey. Why? Let me refresh your memory.

As you know, I started blogging because I felt that I needed to get my words out there. I need an outlet for my thoughts, for my insights, for my feelings. A few weeks into blogging, I joined groups and joined all those follow exchange threads. Until the time came when we were both given the chance to follow each other on Instagram. Your IG handle immediately caught my attention because it was a word I could hardly pronounce out loud. I checked it, opened your profile, saw old photos, the Mayon. After a little more scrolling, I saw it. I saw what made me instantly think that I had to know you better. there were cupcakes, calligraphy, Instax photos, markers, pizza, books, and more food. First thing that got in my mind was, "This girl is exactly like me."

Then I found out that you were a brand ambassador for one of the online brands that I wanted to be a brand ambassador for for such a long time. I then messaged you on Facebook and that's where it all started. We attended blogger events together, went to art adventures together, we even had countless moments when one of us would say something and the other would say, "Ah! Me too!" and then Type Kita.

Type Kita made our journey as friends even better. We followed and passed on our passion. Together, we developed our skills and slowly got better. Together, we helped each other get through tough times. You're the person whom I could throw ideas at and would understand where it is all coming from even if it's the weirdest of ideas. You're the person whom I stay up late with because we're having different out of this world intellectual conversations. You're the person who understands the struggles that I have. And even if you don't, you try to.

I could write lots of reasons why I am thankful for having someone like you, but ultimately, I'm thankful because you support me and you push me to be better everyday. You listen to my stories, and you feed me well. :)

Thank you for fixing my blog. For motivating me to write again. For always giving me time whenever I need help.

Tin, here's to more mind flossing sessions, to more Figaro hang outs, to more Milo cupcakes, more broken brush pens, more pen meets with you. Looking forward to the success of our pen meet, another thing that we will achieve together. Cheers to our friendship!

Sabrina Escoto

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