I have always been expressive with my love with arts & crafts. As much as possible I try to incorporate anything artsy in my posts such as personalized graphics or carefully curated photos. I have been idle from the blogging world from quite some time due to personal reasons and you may not be as updated but during those times, I am still holding on to my love for the craft.

(some calligraphy pieces I have done during my blogging idle time)

As you guys know, during this month last 2016, me and Tin of Mariaisquixotic, conducted our very first pen meet together with the team of Maarteng Letra and of course, our fellow Type Kita babies! It only started out as a dream, we have always thought of following the footsteps of our mentors who have inspired us to do well in this craft and it made us believe that we can do whatever we want as long as we put our heart in it. And fortunately, with the help of our friend and our Idols/mentors, we were able to push through with our first pen meet. Also, a big thanks to Ms. Shumate Royo of The Office Project for having faith in us and believing that we can do it. We wouldn't able to pull our first pen meet off without TOP!

Take a look:

- Yes, THE Ella Lama was there, she wholeheartedly made time for our pen meet and watched her Type Kita babies conduct their own pen meet. She had a short talk about how to make your passion profitable. Big thanks to her because she still supports us until now!

- Okay, I have turned the tears on! Kuya Iz, of Art Trade MNL was there too and had an impromptu talk about how he followed his passion. He believed in us so much that we still had his full support for our upcoming pen meet. Unfortunately, he has recently passed, but nonetheless, we'll continue trading art for him. You will be missed badly kuya Iz!

- Demo by Ate Noni of Milk Co.

- Ocheanchelle and Fozzybook were there too! Imagine our panic when we had to "teach" them during our capsule classes. We were seriously fangirling the whole time!

- D&Y Arts and Crafts teaching us Baybayin.

- These two guys who never left our side amid all the panic and tantrums that were thrown prior the event. It's so cute how they just sat there, supporting and cheering for us quietly at their respective nooks. Sam and Jeth also became a highlight during the pen meet because they were such supportive boyfriends. Couldn't thank them enough!

- And of course the Type Kita babies! There were only five of us present during the first pen meet but this year, there will be more! And everyone's doing demos too.

A year has passed and the passion is still there, we still live by what Type Kita has taught us, to Pass On The Passion. A lot of things has happened during the past year, and we are looking forward for this one. 

We, The Sab Stuff, Mariaisquixotic, the team of Maarteng Letra, and all our sponsors and partners are inviting you to attend our second pen meet, on the 30th of September at Cuaderno Fil-Mex Book CafĂ©. 

This year, we are aiming for a better and bolder pen meet. We're going to have capsule classes, demos, and talks not just about calligraphy but about almost all the forms of arts & crafts. Tin and I are so very thankful with all the unwavering support of the people around us. We have grown so much since the past 2 years that we started out as volunteers and I couldn't type enough words to express my gratitude. Artists, art enthusiasts, and dreamers are welcome. Let's enjoy this together and prove that art can bring different people together.

We are looking forward to see you on the 30th!

Register and more details HERE.

Personal note: 

To be honest, for almost a year of not making entries and focusing on personal things, I thought I lost myself and would never get the chance to get back on track. I know I have thanked a lot of people already for all the support they have shown our team but I would personally just want to add this portion to show gratitude to one of my best-est friend, Tin. We have our ups and downs, I have been so stubborn (let's face it, you have been too) but you never lost faith in me and in what I do. I promise that this time will be better, this time, we'll share our passion together. Siyempre, hindi pa rin mawawala ang tantrums but I assure you we'll get through all this together. Love u, Tin!

Sabrina Escoto

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